Faith or Stupidity

Back an Alley My first significant encounter with the paradox of faith or stupidity came back an alley in the middle of the city.  I was fifteen.  My youth group had driven in minivans into the city and back the alley.  We were going to a soup kitchen, our vans laden with potato ham casserole, … Continue reading Faith or Stupidity


Child Trafficking

The first time I heard about the horror was in reading a Reader’s Digest article. On the cover of the story was a picture of young women looking bored sitting in market stall. Little did I realize that their blank faces masked so much pain! God, don’t let me forget them. Reach your love into their world.


The Reality of Victims

As many as a dozen young girls, some appearing to be eight or nine, paraded before the camera, smiling for their prospective customer, gathering around him like a group of excited little Girl Scouts trying to get a customer to buy cookies….I saw past the sick display of young girls brutalized into smiling for a chance to be sodomized. I had seen too much of this before. But I had never seen girls so young, eleven, ten, maybe eight. And then as the footage rolled forward I saw a tiny girl–no more than five years of age–held on the hip of another girl and pushed forward for sale. It was a horrible moment, captured in clear black and white and repeated in slo-mo.

Excerpt from Terrify No More, by Haugen & Hunter

In his book, Terrify No More, Gary Haugen recounts his experiences from rescuing…

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