A Place in My Heart

In northwestern Pennsylvania, there is a small city and in that city there is a chapel. The chapel is old, made of gray stone with a spire and stained glass windows that are so ancient their paint began to run decades ago. The chapel was built by a man for his wife—he gave her a … Continue reading A Place in My Heart



In December, I went with my school choir to sing in a woman’s correctional facility. We entered the red brick building, surrendered our licenses, got stamped, and walked through the metal detector. From there we were taken from one locked room to another and dumped out into a yard surrounded by high, barbed-wire-topped fences. Walking … Continue reading Home


Dear elder little brother, Last week you turned eight--an authentic hollow leg, growing like a bean plant on a pole, big front teeth, want to help Dad kind of eight.  As I watched you puff out those candles with two gusty blows and choose your favourite colour green for your piece of cake, I couldn't … Continue reading 8