Travel Journal: Cambodia 4

In Different Ways Written Sunday, July 10, 2016 I see you worshiping in bare feet, And look down at my dress shoes, I hear you singing  your language to instruments, While I sing my four-part, English acapella, You raise your hands and face to the sky, While I clasp my hands and bow my head. … Continue reading Travel Journal: Cambodia 4


All You Ever Need to Know

God, I just don't know How to love that person, I don't know, If I should wait or move on, I don't know What deserves my time, I don't know What to prepare for in the future, I don't know Where you want me to go, I don't know Why this  is now, I don't know … Continue reading All You Ever Need to Know

Beautiful Hands

White, As winter’s snow, Soft, As rose petals, Smooth , As silk, Slim and long. These are pretty hands. Brown, From the hot sun, Rough, From days of toil, Scarred, By nails, Large and calloused. These are beautiful hands, The hands of Jesus.