Encouraged by Desperation

Almost a month ago, Odds stacked negatively, November night, Torrential rain, He went. Approaching the stop sign, I was the enemy I saw in a flash Of car headlights On white belly And sprawling, airborne legs The desperate flight. I slowed. And stopped, Before continuing past the sign, To look back hoping. I saw him … Continue reading Encouraged by Desperation


She Worships

The third part of the "Toronto Trilogy" She Worships ...raising her hands above her creamy coffee-toned skin and tight, dark curls. ...closing her eyes and singing along with the praise song. ...leaning against the sprightly, accountant-type, balding husband of hers. He Worships ...joining our motley choir, grabbing a song folder. ...thanking us and the God … Continue reading She Worships

Beautiful Hands

White, As winter’s snow, Soft, As rose petals, Smooth , As silk, Slim and long. These are pretty hands. Brown, From the hot sun, Rough, From days of toil, Scarred, By nails, Large and calloused. These are beautiful hands, The hands of Jesus.