Now I Know My ABC’s

Tips, anecdotes and confessions of a fifth year teacher in ABC's.



Start with a history lesson on Rome, add a yet-unplanned, elementary art class, and you get a mosaic.  At least, I did.  In the making, I found some reflections. In high school, my geography teacher taught me that Canada has a cultural mosaic.  Our American counter-parts have a melting pot.  By this, he meant that … Continue reading Mosaic

Winter Twigs & Books Full of Rainbows

The following piece was written for the Exceptional Learner class I took at FB this summer. Learning Disabilities--A Call to Explore Empathy.  I really cannot understand what it is that they go through. Compassion.  I can treat them with love because I know that they have struggles beyond what I can comprehend.             No child … Continue reading Winter Twigs & Books Full of Rainbows