Planting Dandelions

I amble down the path in the evening sun, and there she is.  Bare arms and feet slip out of her dress all pastel striped.  She stands on a green knoll and  blows little puffs unto the white ball in her little hand. "Planting dandelions?" I call to her.  Monday to Friday she calls me … Continue reading Planting Dandelions


Beautiful Hands

White, As winter’s snow, Soft, As rose petals, Smooth , As silk, Slim and long. These are pretty hands. Brown, From the hot sun, Rough, From days of toil, Scarred, By nails, Large and calloused. These are beautiful hands, The hands of Jesus.


Start with a history lesson on Rome, add a yet-unplanned, elementary art class, and you get a mosaic.  At least, I did.  In the making, I found some reflections. In high school, my geography teacher taught me that Canada has a cultural mosaic.  Our American counter-parts have a melting pot.  By this, he meant that … Continue reading Mosaic