My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 2

Our conversations were many and varied that afternoon, and yet I see in them the indelible fingerprint of the Spirit of One Who Gave His promised Son. We are told to relax on the couch amongst the floral pillows, while our hosts bring us the leftover sweets from breakfast to tide us over until the … Continue reading My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 2



I still don’t know him real well and probably never will.  He was a friend of my cousins at one time, he traveled as a hobby to do short term missions, and ended up marrying my co-teachers sister.  I sang with him at a wedding many years ago.  He was quiet and appeared confident in … Continue reading Defined

Thank You

I am so thankful for the God I serve.  A God that is so big that He can, as one first grader said, “hold the world and all the stars and even all the universe and all the other stars in His hand—on one finger even.”  Or as another first grader added, “He’s so big … Continue reading Thank You