Christ and Communion: Part 1

Back when I was small And the black suits were tall, There were services that went on too long, First one man would preach And another would teach Then the people sang melancholy songs, While black suits would bear With quiet, solemn care Bread and juice up aisle and down.


Yes, I’m Mennonite, and Why That’s Not the Point

This post comes out of a commitment I made to myself shortly after I started this blog. But to understand why, I need to tell you the beginning. I had sought to publish some short articles through Mennonite publications, but the lists of prerequisites of what is and is not okay to put in said … Continue reading Yes, I’m Mennonite, and Why That’s Not the Point

Your Story

"Story" has become some sort of buzzword. You can Instagram your story, at least flickers of the highlights. You can buy a copy of The Story, a version of the Bible sold by Zondervan that tells the "continuing story of God and his people." As postmodern era people we've been told that truth is our narrative and … Continue reading Your Story


In December, I went with my school choir to sing in a woman’s correctional facility. We entered the red brick building, surrendered our licenses, got stamped, and walked through the metal detector. From there we were taken from one locked room to another and dumped out into a yard surrounded by high, barbed-wire-topped fences. Walking … Continue reading Home

Things I Like

Brown paper packages tied up with string (and any other packages for that matter)Being originalVanilla ice creamJoining random words together into a clever hidden trainConversations with people in which we speak emphatically and totally understand each otherSour dough starter and the connections it creates with peopleNew beginningsHand-pieced quiltsPiano music coming through the wallsSurprise guestsChats with … Continue reading Things I Like