Why My Word for this Year is FEAR

I am told that this whole "word of the year" thing was fashionable a few years ago and is on it's way out. I inwardly rebel to what is fashionable, but somehow last year, a word came to me for 2018, and I took it. Last year's word was PERSPECTIVE, which taught me a lot, … Continue reading Why My Word for this Year is FEAR


Things I Like

Brown paper packages tied up with string (and any other packages for that matter)Being originalVanilla ice creamJoining random words together into a clever hidden trainConversations with people in which we speak emphatically and totally understand each otherSour dough starter and the connections it creates with peopleNew beginningsHand-pieced quiltsPiano music coming through the wallsSurprise guestsChats with … Continue reading Things I Like